Aude Automata demystifier

About Aude

This software was started as a personal project around November 2012. The main goal was to get to understand automata and related algorithms, and also help friends in their revisions, in the hope more people, teachers included, would find it useful.

A big part of Aude was written during an internship in summer 2013 supervised by Yliès Falcone (from the LIG Laboratory) and paid by Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble.

Aude has been continued during spare time, in coordination with Yliès at Univ. Grenoble Alpes.

In September 2015, the user interface was refreshed. We were also given the permission from UGA to release Aude as Free Software.

In Summer 2017, three interns worked to improve Aude. Mamadou Ouologuem wrote a quiz editor, Borana Dollomaja worked on algorithms and Stefan Nesic set the basis to make Aude a platform on which students communicate.


Former interns

Idea, comment, question ?

Any question, suggestion, comment, report or idea is appreciated, do not hesitate to contact us at aude-contact (at) univ-grenoble-alpes {dot} fr.